RPS Calculator

Use this tool to learn about U.S. renewable energy policy by interacting with RDCEP research on Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPSs), regulatory requirements enacted by many states to promote increases in renewable energy generation and development over time.

This calculator will allow you to explore the conditions for RPS success or failure based on the interaction between policy choices and electricity costs of wind and solar using Illinois as a model. We invite you to make unique calculations with your own assumptions and compare different outcomes with the findings of the RDCEP working paper, Feasibility of U.S. renewable portfolio standards under cost caps and case study for Illinois— on which this calculator is based. *Default assumptions are those provided in the paper.

This paper and calculator assess the IL RPS goals given the price landscape and current legal scheme, providing foresight on the policy changes needed for successful RPS legislation.

We are continually working to improve the model and the interface. If you have suggestions, you can contact us at [info-rdcep@ci.uchicago.edu].